Spring into Vibrant Health with Acupuncture!

Jun 01, 2019

There are many reasons that patients in Calgary are opting for acupuncture treatment to improve their health and well-being. While this form of therapy is most commonly known as a way to enhance relaxation and ease muscle soreness, there are a number of other reasons that you may want to locate acupuncture therapy near you as an enhanced approach to your health care.

For Women: Acupuncture in Calgary Can Be Used in Conjunction with Infertility Treatment

Most of us know acupuncture therapy as a practice that has been around for thousands of years. And while this is absolutely true, some of the more modern applications for this treatment modality include the treatment of infertility and other conditions such as:

  • A way to increased pregnancy rates when used with IVF
  • A way to reduce the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome when using IVF
  • A way to improve blood flow to the ovaries in an effort to regulate the menstrual cycle
  • A way to moderate hormone control and improve the thickening of the endometrial lining

Other Conditions that Respond Well to Acupuncture

  • Following are some additional benefits of acupuncture – for men and women – to help improve your health:
  • Treatment can help reduce the number of headaches for migraine sufferers
  • Treatment can improve chronic conditions such as back, neck, knee, or arthritis pain
  • Treatment can produce a more restful sleep for those suffering from insomnia
  • Treatment can assist in the recovery from chemotherapy
  • Treatment has been shown to benefit patients with cognitive decline disorders such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Treatment can help control mood disorders such as depression
  • Treatment can help patients control allergies, digestive problems, and more!

Some Key Takeaways About Locating an Acupuncture Therapy Clinic in Calgary

As is true with locating any type of professional care, the same holds true when you’re searching for acupuncture therapy in Calgary. When contacting the office for the first time, make sure you inquire about the therapist’s training, licensure, and preferred treatment modalities. Although every patient experience will be different, asking these three questions will give you a general sense of the acupuncture clinic to help you determine if it will be a good fit for your goals before you spring into action.

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