Try Acupuncture for Pain Before Drugs

Feb 16, 2019

Pain is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life. The way pain is treated varies across cultures and has changed with time. However, one thing remains constant – pain is still an issue that must be dealt with to continue living with a high quality of life. Centennial Wellness focuses on acupuncture treatment in Calgary so that you can gain relief from pain without turning to pain medication.

Opiates on the Rise

Opiates have been used since 1996 to manage pain, with it even being declared a vital sign by some professional associations. Oxycontin was approved to be distributed to consumers, saving them from agony. The introduction of pain killers, along with marketing, led the number of prescriptions to significantly increase as well as the number of people taking the medication. Our acupuncture clinic in Calgary works to relieve pain and keep the body from relying on pain killers and other medications.

The Effect of Pain Killers

It has been discovered that these pain killers have been a significant source of strife and suffering for individuals and their families. Pain killers cause more harm than good, leading to addition as well as increased drug use and potential overdose.

Opioids have been shown to increase drug sales more than they help individuals suffering from pain in several areas of the body. Canadian families have struggled for over 20 years with the rise of pain killers and their devastating effects on families. Individuals can lose their jobs, homes, children, and even commit illegal acts to support opioid addiction.

Opioid Addiction

Acupuncture therapy in Calgary at Centennial Wellness has the ability to get rid of chronic pain, especially in the lower back and other commonly affected areas. It can even help fight opioid addictions in individuals that have previously used pain medications for pain treatment.

Acupuncture treatment in Calgary can also relieve the pain of chronic migraine headaches if individuals suffer from them. These can be debilitating, but Centennial Wellness knows the techniques to give you ultimate relief without drugs.

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