Reiki: A Gateway to Healing

Reiki is a technique popularized due to its ability to reduce stress and promote healing and relaxation. Its roots are firmly based in Eastern philosophy and focus on the unseen energy, or life force, that flows through the body and gives life. If it is suppressed or depleted, it can lead to sickness, stress, and other illnesses. When reiki is abundant, then it is easier to maintain health and be happy in life.

The Whole Effect of Reiki

This treatment focuses on the person as a whole – the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. This creates a sense of well-being, peace, relaxation, and overall wellness. Different hand positions help stimulate as well as renew life force energy in the body. It is a safe and gentle massage treatment in SW Calgary that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit and has the potential to leave participants feeling renewed and radiant.

If you are interested in hands-on techniques to help heal, then Reiki is your starting point. It is very easy to learn, gentle, and safe for both recipients and Reiki practitioners. There is no specific equipment required, making it easy to practice no matter where you are. You don’t need to become a registered massage therapist in Calgary to use this technique, so all you have to do is start working when your massage therapy Calgary training has been completed.

Three Degrees of Reiki

Reiki can be divided into 3 degrees that involve instruction as well as attunement, better described as an energetic initiation. Each one of the 3 degrees introduces you to new techniques that delve deeper into Reiki and the possibilities it can bring. The first degree introduces the basics of the practice. The second degree instructs Reiki practitioners in how to use Reiki symbols and master symbology. The third degree often involves an apprenticeship and teaches practitioners how to attune others and teach the art of Reiki.

You can receive a Reiki massage near SW Calgary from Centennial Wellness. Our facility offers Reiki along with other massage techniques to provide fast and gentle healing.

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