Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Design

Injury Rehabilitation & Exercise Design

What is Exercise Design Prescription?

Exercise Design Prescription is a thorough analysis and practical experience of each of the fitness components including cardiovascular, flexibility, plyometric, and resistance to be able to implement well-balanced personalized programs.

At Centennial Wellness, we develop exercise prescriptions and guidelines for our patients. While almost anyone can safely exercise, some people may benefit from meeting our Doctor for an exercise consultation. The top two reasons to get exercise prescriptions include safety and efficiency. An exercise program needs to be designed specifically for your health status, goals, abilities and interests. Our Doctor can help integrate all of these pieces into a simple plan that can be followed and adjusted as needed.

What is Injury Rehabilitation?

Injury Rehabilitation is a treatment designed to facilitate the process of recovery from an injury. Healing most injuries requires some level of immobilization. As the injury heals, the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments grow weaker and less flexible due to disuse. Injuries that require a longer healing time can actually cause atrophy to set in, where the muscle begins to waste away. Meanwhile injured joints may stiffen.

At Centennial Wellness, we develop individualized and personally tailored rehabilitation programs that focus on patient’s specific injury. We help patients rebuild strength, increase flexibility, and restore range of motion by providing rehabilitation exercises.