Wellness Shots

Wellness Shots


– Good for weight loss, energy and for repairing hair loss.

– It is full of B Vitamins, amino acids Methionine, Inositol, and Choline that help with fat metabolism and chromium to help with carb and sugar cravings.

Slim Boost

– Good for fat burning, energy producer, and muscle recovery.

– Similar to the slim shot but with a higher dose of MIC which aids in fat metabolism. Additionally, it contains, Chromium, Carnitine and Vitamin B12.


– This is a burst of energy. It is full of B Vitamins, Methylfolate which is a better form of Folic The acid which can be mood enhancing and Carnitine to help with energy.

Chill Out

– This is a relaxant and helps with stress relief and restful sleep.

– This shot has amino acids and vitamins that help you relax, feel calmer and less stressed. It calms down the heart rate after athletic activity or just having a stressful day. It contains B Vitamins, Taurine, Glycine, and Magnesium.

Allergy Buster

– This has vitamins that help with your immune system and help fight allergy symptoms. It contains B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Methylfolate.


-This shot boosts your immune system containing B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc and an immune homeopathic.

Connective Tissue

– This shot is excellent for a healing athlete, or anyone healing an injury. It is also recommended during Prolotherapy treatments. It contains B Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C and a Connective Tissue homeopathic.

Hormone Support

– This shot helps regulate your hormones containing B Vitamins, MIC, Taurine and Magnesium.


– This shot boosts metabolism and is quick detox support. It contains B Vitamins, MIC and has a second shot of Glutathione.


-This helps boost energy and helps with the immune system. These are two shots containing Vitamin B12 + Vitamin D 50,000IU


– This is good for the professional who has some important work or presentation and needs to have their mind sharp. It helps improve focus and productivity.

– These are 2 shots of B Vitamins, MethylFolate, Taurine, Carnitine and Glutathione.

Skin Support

– These are two shots that encourage your skin to look more youthful, helps with collagen production and wrinkles. It contains B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

Extra Shots

Vitamin D 50,000 IU

Vitamin A 50,000 IU

Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin