You’re Not a One-Dimensional Athlete – So Why Limit Yourself in Your Wellness Approach?

You take an integrative approach to your mind, body, and spirit connection by exercising, eating a balanced diet and making sure that you spend quality down time. So why not take the same approach when caring for your body in times of need?

At Centennial Wellness, we believe that an integrative approach to your healthcare is paramount in treating every patient we meet. We know that you may not only be an avid athlete on your personal time, but a force to be reckoned with during your business or social time, as well.

That’s why we provide a wide array of services to treat everything from sports massage therapy in Calgary to kinesiology taping, sports cupping, and more. We measure our success the same way that you do yours – by your comfort level we’ve helped you achieve when you walk out of our offices.

If you’re looking for a massage therapy clinic near you to provide relief from aches and pains, you may want to first consider a practice such as Centennial Wellness where you will receive one-on-one from a practitioner who understands your quest for whole mind, body, and spirit care.

Massage in Calgary Does Not Have to Be a One-Size-Fits-All

It’s been proven that massage is a great way to reduce stress and increase relaxation for individuals who lead a hectic lifestyle. But did you know that a Calgary massage therapist can also help treat conditions such as blood circulation improvement, depression and anxiety, sports and running injuries, headaches of all types, and basic sports and running injuries?

We know that every patient who comes to our office is experiencing their own pain from something that was unique to them. That’s why we’ll take time to understand what type of treatment is best-suited for your concern.

In some cases, you might be seeking sports massage therapy in Calgary if you’ve become injured while engaging in your favorite sport or exercise. Our care team know how important it is to feel 100%, so we can provide cross treatment such as sports cupping therapy or kinesiology taping in tandem with your massage to get you back to doing what you love best as quickly as possible.

You may not be familiar with kinesiology taping, but if you’ve ever seen professional athletes with brightly colored elastic tape adhered to their legs, arms, or shoulders, you’ve seen this groundbreaking pain and inflammatory treatment in action.

You may have also noticed some professional athletes – especially swimmers – that appear to have raised circular marks along their back. That’s a sign that they’ve been treated with sports cupping to help mobilize blood flow to an injured area.

Those are just two of the adjunct therapies that we offer to anyone looking for an added boost from their massage therapist in Calgary.

Choose What’s Right for You from One Central Location

Rather than spending time running all around town looking for a massage therapy clinic Calgary from one practitioner and physical therapy from another, we make it easy at Centennial Wellness. We provide a full menu of services to help patients return to a healthy lifestyle faster than if they chose one mode of treatment alone.

Some of the other services offered in our centrally located Calgary clinic include physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, Active Release Techniques®, functional movement evaluations, motor vehicle accident assessments, shockwave therapy, intramuscular stimulation, and more!

As you can see, our vision to help patients like you feel better as quickly as possible is underscored by the broad suite of services we provide. Because we have such resources available, we not only treat the pain from your injury, but we discover the underlying root problem and provide recommendations on how to treat it to avoid it from becoming a recurring injury.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a moment after you finish this article to read the amazing testimonies that have been left by people who were once in chronic pain. You’ll see that, “Dr. Walli not only alleviates the immediate pain, but she treats the root cause to avoid future injury or pain” and “It was almost instant relief. I started running and playing my sports within a week of treatment and I still have no pain!”

The caring, professional staff at Centennial Wellness would love to provide you with the same results! Use our appointment tool now to get started.

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